Maritime Security and Surveillance

Mis à jour le 14/06/2023

Shom, reference data and services provider for Maritime Security and Surveillance

EU Member State authorities carry out many different maritime surveillance tasks, in various fields such as maritime safety, security and prevention of pollution by ships, fisheries control, marine pollution preparedness and response, marine environment protection, customs, border control, general law enforcement and defence.

The common information sharing environment (CISE) is an EU initiative which provides a decentralised framework for point-to-point information exchange network across sectors and borders. The network aims to make European and national maritime surveillance systems interoperable, therefore enabling over 300 authorities concerned to exchange information safely and automatically. This initiative encompasses all sectors of maritime surveillance in the EU for efficient collaborative operations.


CISE Network concept

Shom contributes to CISE’s maritime surveillance tasks and development through the provision of reference data services in its areas of responsibility and competence: marine charts, maritime boundaries, maritime and coastal databases, nautical information. Shom also provides its expertise and analysis for these services and their implementation, in cooperation with the relevant administrations and agencies, both at national and European levels.

Shom, a national and European actor of Maritime Surveillance

Since 2019, Shom has been involved in projects on Maritime Surveillance issues co-financed by different European Funds : dedicated to the Mediterranea (ERDF/Interreg Med), Research and Innovation (Horizon 2020) and to Maritime, Fisheries and Aquaculture (EMFAF). In particular all those projects target the implementation of enhanced digital information sharing between Member States maritime authorities.
Shom thus contributes to strengthen cross-border and cross-sector cooperation in Maritime Security and Surveillance at the European level, whether with European agencies (European Maritime Safety Agency - EMSA, European Coast Guard Forum – ECGFF, JRC – Joint Research Center) or European project partners. It also addresses those topics at national level by participating in the CISE France working group chaired by the General Secretariat of the Sea and bringing together in particular the French Navy, the Directorate-General for Maritime Affairs, Fisheries and Aquaculture (DGAMPA) and the National Directorate for Customs and Coast Guard (DNGCD).


Use case: Incident involving oil spill in transborder area near infrastructures

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